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Confectionary & Gums Flavours

Product NameCodeMain Character
Almond Flavour20221Creamy
Apple Flavour20836Green
Banana Flavour02484-10Fruity, Ripe
Banana Flavour02488-85Traditional
Black Current Flavour20225Juicy
Blue Berry Flavour02324Fresh Juicy
Bubble Gum Flavour02423-94Fresh Strawberry
Bubble Gum Flavour02458-11Tutty Fruity
Bubble Gum Flavour02422-59Fresh Lemon
Bubble Gum Flavour02415-44(M)Gren Apple
Bubble Gum Flavour02098Banana
Bubble Gum Flavour02099Spearmint
Butter Candy Flavour02498Old English
Butter Flavour20983Melted
Butter Flavour02059Creamy Cooked
Butter Flavour02413-37Creamy Butter
Buuter Scotch Flavour02028-21Creamy Buttery
Butter UBD Flavour02038Fresh Butter
Caramel Flavour02465-15English
Cardamom Flavour02156Fresh Natural
Cardamom Oil Flavour02461-14Cardamom Oil
Cashev Flavour02395-99Sweet Cashew
Cashev O/S Flavour02420-56Roasted
Cereal Flavour02139Cereals
Cherry Flavour2153Red Fruity
Cheese Flavour02455-37Natural Cheddar
Chocolair Flavour02499Sweet Creamy
Chocolate Flavour02405-34Bourbon
Chocolate Flavour02433-72Creamy
Chocolate Flavour02466Yoghurt Chocolate
Chocolate Flavour02288Cocoa Type
Chocolate O/S Flavour02362Creamy Cocoa
Chocomilk Flavour02504Milky Cocoa Type
Coconut Flavour02460-02Nice
Coconut Flavour20921Dessicated
Coconut Flavour15935Fresh Coconut
Coconut Flavour02487-61Toasted
Coffee Flavour02474-24Capico
Coffee Flavour02551Cappuccino
Coffee Flavour1155Beans
Cola Flavour02235Spicy
Condensed Milk Flavour02414-03Creamy Milky
Condensed Milk O/S Flavour02342Cooked Rich
Ginger Lemon Flavour02464-42Spicy
Grape Flavour02467-52Fresh Concord
Hazelnut Flavour02066Nutty Roast
Honey Flavour291107Fresh
Kiwi Flavour0232-66Fresh Picked
Kopra Milk Creamy Flavour02394-03Fresh Coconut
Lacto Bon Flavour20100Creamy Milky
Lemon Lime Flavour20954Limey Soft
Lemon Lime Flavour02445-67Fresh Lemon & Lime
Lemon O/S Flavour02064Lemon
Lemon Oil Flavour02447-86Fresh Lemon
Lychee Flavour02418-31Juicy Fruity
Mango Flavour02466-01Juicy Mango
Mango Flavour02483-57Fresh Juicy
Mango Flavour02160Fresh Green
Mango Flavour6818-11Ripe Pulp
Medicated Cough Flavour02486-03Eucalyptus Herbal
Melon Flavour02404-13Fressh Fruity
Milk Caramel Flavour02416-19Fresh Milky Caramellic
Milk Flavour02400-28Fresh Milk
Milk Flavour02401-18Fresh Milk Creamy
Milk Flavour1011-61Fresh Creamy
Milk P Flavour02520Fresh
Mint Flavour02470-84Vicks Match
Mixed Berry Flavour02161Fruity Juicy
Mixed Fruit Flavour02456-20Cocktail
Nimbu Pani Flavour02454-77Fresh Squeezed Lemon
Orange O/S Flavour02417-55Juicy
Orange O/S Flavour02494Juicy Ripe
Peach Flavour20226Ripe Juicy
Peanut Flavour02088Nutty
Papermint Flavour02488-50Traditional
Pineapple Flavour02477-82Fresh
Pineapple Flavour02061-41Fruity Ripe
Pineapple Flavour1342-2Fresh Ripe
Pista Flavour02421-42Skinny Roasted
Raspberry Flavour02158Pippy
Roohgulab Flavour02397-96Fresh Petal Rosy
Safron Flavour02084Saffron Extract Profile
Shahi Gulab Flavour02067-2White Rose Profile
Strawberry Flavour2063-54Creamy Ripe
Strawberry Flavour02073-21Ripe
Strawberry Flavour20942Juicy
Strawberry Flavour02075-51Creamy Fruity
Vanilla Flavour02463-95Creamy Honey Vanilla
Vanilla Gluco Flavour20873Buttery Scotch Vanilla
Abbreviations : Bak - Bakery, Con - Confectionery, D - Dairy, Pha - Pharmaceuticals, HB - Health Beverages, SD - Soft Drink, Sna - Snacks, IL - Ice Lollies, OH - Oral Hygeiene, CG - Chewing Gum, Al Bev - Alcoholic Beverages.

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